The history behind the company


Arctic Presentation was established in 1992 as Euro Job International. It's primary task was to create a pan-European database over student qualifications. Once completed, the database was sold to a Scotland and EJI changed its trading name to Colossus.

From 1995 to 2000 the company delivered computer related solutions as well as building customer specific hardware solutions. At the turn of the century, the company shiftet its focus to become a pure consultancy company.

A company based on creativity

RegnskapOur core vision is to think outside the box.

See possibilities where others see contraints. Unleash the creative madness and hope that from this one can extract brilliant ideas that is cheered on by likeminded individuals.



Our address

Arctic Presentation, Vestregata 76, 9008 Tromsø, Norway





Reference list

IMPAC, London

Consultant on acquisitions of manufakturing plants.

Venture Capital Consultants, Los Angeles

Independent respresentative for the Scandinavian market.

Bladet Vigdis, Tromsø

Editor/ project manager for the first fashion magazine based in Tromsø, Norway.

Folkeuniversitetet i Setesdal

Lecturer in international marketing in conjuction with the University of Agder.

Bykle kommune

Project manager for video based mental consultantions for three counties in the valley of Setesdal.

Hasla Sylvsmie, Valle

Implemented a revised national and international marketing strategy.

Narvik Sparebank

Presentation in how to market the bank towards the local and regional market.

Vacuro, Narvik

Revised the companys strategy for introduction into the global marketplace.

Arctic Ranch, Ballangen

Independent consultant in converting a traditional run farm into breeding Paint Horses.


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